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Gerard de Melo
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Etymological Wordnet
A database of etymological and derivational relationships between words in different languages.
MASC Word Sense Alignment Visualizations
Non-1-to-1 alignments of word senses from two inventories visualized. See also our Blog post about this project.
Good, Great, Excellent: Semantic Intensities
System that scores the relative intensities of different words.
Taxonomy Prediction Benchmark Data
An open-domain taxonomy prediction benchmark dataset covering a much more diverse set of domains than previous datasets.
Thesauri in many languages, obtained by translating Roget's Thesaurus using task-specific statistical techniques
FrameNet Browsing Interface
A new more user-friendly browsing interface for the FrameNet lexical semantic resource, which describes the semantic roles of sentences and words.
FrameBase uses frame semantics, a theory of natural language semantics, to represent knowledge about the world in a consistent way. I also developed a new browsing interface for the FrameNet lexical resource, which FrameBase relies on.
WebChild / Knowlywood
Large amounts of common-sense knowledge extracted from the Web.
Universal Wordnet (UWN)
One of the largest multilingual knowledge graphs, transforming the well-known WordNet database into a massively multilingual resource covering over 1 million words and several million named entities in a single semantically organized hierarchy. This is based on machine learning along with the MENTA extension based on Wikipedia. Our derivative project OpenWordNet-PT (GitHub) is being used by Google Translate.
Contributes information about words and other language-related entities to the Linked Data Web and Semantic Web, leading to a Web of Data in which the British Library, the Spanish National Library, and others have linked their data to, and in turn connects its own data to other valuable resources.
Most research papers are freely available (open access).
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